Saturday, May 18, 2019

Procedural Landmass Generation (Youtube tutorial)

So yesterday I deep-dived into procedural generation. I had been checking out a lot of grass-related videos on how to procedurally generate grass fields. Tangentially I came into contact with videos on how to procedurally generate different types of vegetation (flowers, trees) and that's where I first came into contact with the concept of perlin noise. Perlin noise is a special type of randomness, crudely speaking, but which is much better at maintaining the realism. It is a pseudorandom noise generating equation which helps model natural phenomenon like mountain chains at the horizon, dirt on pavements, and much more.

This is the first experimentation with perlin noise.

Perlin noise map using 5 octaves in Unity
Following the landmass tutorial on youtube which expertly explains how to produce this perlin noise map - and why and how to think about the coding - I've been acquiring a lot of inspiration on how to mold the content of his procedural generation endeavors into my own.

Further updates on this development will be detailed in the coming posts.

(Link to the youtube video tutorial I am following: here)

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