Saturday, May 25, 2019

Grass generation

So I've managed to generate the grass blades at each vertex of the grass field mesh.

The grass blades are the purple dots everywhere

They are barebone though - they don't have any texture. Nevertheless, they do have a pretty decent mesh. The mesh for these grass strands are inspired by this picture from Markus R. Tillman's bachelor's thesis on DIVA (link here). The figure below is a screenshot of the illustration made by Per Axmark which my implementation attempts to recreate.

In my project, however, I only create the highest level of detail grass blade. There are three different ways the grass blade geometry can vary.

  1. The width of the grass blade.
  2. The height of the grass blade.
  3. The inclination of the grass blade.
The next step is to implement variability in the color, depending on lighting and the texture the grass stands on. This will be implemented in the coming posts.

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