Saturday, May 18, 2019

Project Title: "Procedurally Generation of Grass Fields in Unity"

So far, I've come up with this title:

Procedurally generating grass fields in Unity varying by density of grass, ground heights and grass color.


I will work iteratively, meaning that whenever one parameter is finished (being able to vary the density of the grass) that is when the next parameter will be worked on. In that way, I'll always be working on a functioning product rather than trying to put it all together in one go. This is an early prototype of the ground. The grass will be added on top of the ground at the appropriate color and height.

Plane for the grass field in Unity. Grass will be added on top in the appropriate color and height.

Furthermore, I'll be working towards an important stretch goal. A more unique addition would be to include the "human factor" in this procedural generation. I was thinking first along the lines of having dirt on the ground, but figured it wouldn't be so different from some of the other attributes. Instead, I think it might be interesting to add in down-trodden paths. When people walk over the same line of grass a long time it creates a visible depression in the grass. I would like to let the user to pick a line and then have the program generate that path through the grass with procedural generation.

When the other goals are fulfilled, this will likely be the next one.

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